Katrina kaif Childhood Photo

Obama is a great communicator: Jolie

President Obama is a great communicator but not interested in issues outside the United States,” says a Hollywood insider close to the Oscar-winning actress.

The source added: “Angelina has worked very hard to get first-person accounts of what is going on in the world with her briefings from the UN, [while] Brad (partner Brad Pitt) is a ”Johnny Come Lately.””

In fact, the source continued, the stunner thinks Obama will only last four years in the nation”s highest office because of “a subtle arrogance in his delivery,

Vikash Mor favorite Song’s

Hindi Sad Song

My favorite Singer Jennifer Lopez

Song( lets get loud in Fifa world cup 2006)

Tendulkar provided the first clue to the media and the public in general

Aamir khan in Chanderi for 2nd Clue

Aamir Khan with Sourav in Kolkata

Aamir Khan in Faridkot

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan sprung a surprise at an unknown village near Faridkot in Punjab when he made his presence felt dressed as a foreigner on Saturday. Disguised as a foreigner, he attended a pre-wedding ceremony and also took part in the Haldi ceremony. he further joined the chorus of ladies in singing the traditional wedding Sangeet and danced with the members of the family.

Dws New Year Party 2010

Chetan Bhagat: Aamir is powerful

Famous Haryanivi Song

Pani Aali pani payade

In Englisg Version( Give me Water)

“Hey beautiful girl, please give me some water to drink.??”
“Why are you standing carrying this water container (dol)??”
“Is it the reason for which you are standing quiet (anbol khadi hogi) that the well has drunk its own water (neer sapadgaya)????””””

“Your age seems to be around 15-16 only”
“this young age is for doing fun”

“what u brought, what u will take(ke le jaagi..), stop your habit of denying(baan chod de naatan ki)”

“Your one feature makes my heart very delighted and happy”
“and Why you are putting price for that ???”

“You took my life away when you saw me with your chiseling eyes”
“When you moved your tongue on your lips, it was looking like some snake was moving her tongue on her lips.”

“Your thin west his leaning downwards, so why you are putting weight on your west.”

“This yield less field is very dry and waiting for the rains/monsoon to come”

“When you smiled, it started raining heavily and the it became very cloudy”

“This age is not to wait eagerly”

“Why you are not standing firmly”????

ye mera diwana pan , (nameshake)


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