What is Anna? Who is Anna?

16 08 2011

Now Anna is not a man now, he became the voice of India. Who want corruption free India?
Now we go in any government office then we can’t get any work or solve problem without political back or corruption. They people doesn’t understand polite language.
Anna is a voice of country saving. And government doesn’t want free corruption nation because all leader and ministers are corrupted. They want make law but only for rich and business men.
India is deepened on agriculture and 70% people serve and deepened on agriculture. And All rich person doesn’t want lokpal bill.
Congress is destroying democracy from India. Latest example is that: When farmers are doing protest in Noida then Rahul Gandhi went in companion. When minister travel on NH then they blocked full path and people disturbed.
I request to all true Indian and those want corruption free nation, Please join companion for Lokpal and lead the further companion in your area.




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