Is India Became Attractive As An Outsourcing Destination for Content?

29 05 2011

When we talk of website content then it must be said that it is a growing industry and lots of activities are happening around this online business. This is a profitable business and has become very popular in the recent years.

People are getting involved to this industry and are making good money out of it as well. When we look at the content business in India we see that there are lots of scopes for the business. The country, India, at the current moment, is a hot bed for outsourcing in the world. if we go by statistics then we will see that India’s shares the world offshore outsourcing market for IT and other online business and back office service is 44%.

With time the process of outsourcing has become more sophisticated and now business heads and firms look for efficiency, speed and smoothness in the market and of course quality is an important issue too.

This is a strategic move to shift focus towards India for outsourcing given the competitiveness of the market and pressure on margins. The jobs will certainly increase in this field in the next 5 years. This will certainly impact the outsourcing business and help to increase the economy of the country.




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